Let's get the "parts" out of the bag and onto the stage!(There are parts that can be rotated.)

Play button and let's move it!

Can we get a shoot on goal?

If you fail, stop and reposition the parts!

Screen Description

Button Description


Return to the home.


Put all the parts back in the inventory.


Skip the stage you are playing.
※ You must watch the ad.


Show the correct position of one part.
※ You must watch the ad. There is more than one correct answer.


Inside the frame at the bottom of the screen. There are parts that can be placed.
・Grasp the parts with your fingers and swipe to place them.
・Some parts can be rotated by swiping the arrow.


The parts can be moved.
Let's shoot the ball into the goal!


You can return the parts to the way they were before you moved them.
Even if it doesn't go in the goal, we'll make a bunch of adjustments and shoot it!