You can raise cute animals in your phone.

As time goes by, the animals' "Satiety" and "Mood" will decrease, so feed them and play with them to make them happy.

Collect furniture and customize your room to your liking.

Screen Description


This is the currency of the game. It is used to welcome "animals" and to purchase " meal", "play", and "furniture".
It can be obtained by stroking twinkling animals, achievements, and daily missions.

Achievement / Daily Mission

You can earn rewards by clearing certain conditions.


You can manage your animals. Put them in the "Room" to raise them.
If you put them in a "Cage", they won't lose their "Satiety" or "Mood".


You can purchase food and playthings that will benefit all the animals in your room. You can also welcome new animals into your home.


You can change the furniture in your room, or buy it with Star Coins. If you put toys in your room, animals may play with them.
※ Once you have purchased furniture, you can change it at any time.


You can manage "Cleaning Robot".
Call them up with the "Clean up" button and have them clean your room.
Animals can even ride on it!

There are various settings available.
There is also a "Clock Mode", so you can use it as a clock if you leave it on your desk in this mode.


Debris may fall into your room.
Have a "CleaningRobot" clean it or tap it to remove it.


Animals will run away from home when their "Satiety" or "Mood" reaches zero.
To prevent this from happening, take care of them when you notice them.
You can also call them back by watching ads.