Game Description

It's a simple and relaxed game to raise "IllusttChi". Time progresses in real time, so check on them often! Let's feed them, play with them and be cute! If you leave it too long, they''ll be in a bad mood.

Let's take care of it and evolve "IllusttChi"! If you turn on notifications, you'll be notified when "IllusttChi" is hungry or wants to be disturbed! Put it in your pocket and carry it with you everywhere!

Fill up the album and brag to your friends on SNS! You can save cute "IllusttChi" images to your device or share them on SNS.

You don't need to be connected to the network to play! You can use it for your kids' educational apps, too! If your family can't have pets, you're in luck!

※ "IllusttChi" is a character from the game. They may differ from the descriptions of the actual animals.