Edit Mode

In "Edit Mode", you can create a stage.

Put the parts down and make a stage of your own!

Parts are released by clearing stages.

We're working on a feature that will allow you to publish the stages you've created.Please don't delete the stage, just wait!

How to make a stage

  1. Feel free to place the parts on the stage.
  2. Place the "Ball" and "Goal" and decide where to start & finish.
  3. Let's decide what to put in the inventory from among the placed parts. You can select the parts you want to put in the inventory by tapping on them, and then switch between them with the buttons below.
    :Put it in "Inventory".
    :Placement on stage.
  4. Press the play button and put the ball in the goal.
  5. Once you have cleared the stage, you can save it.
  6. Let's actually play with it!
    :You can actually play with this button on the list!

Button Description


You can create a stage.
※Once you have saved a stage, you can edit it.

Trash can

You can delete a stage you have created.


You can upload your stage and make it public.
By submitting your stage using the button, it will be added to "Everyone's Stage" in the next update.


You can play the stage you created.