Let's take care of "IllusttChi" and evolve it!

Fill up the album and brag to your friends!

The trick to raising them is to check on them often.

Raise them with love and affection!

If you turn on notifications, you'll be notified when "IllusttChi" is hungry or wants to be disturbed!

Screen Description


It shows how much you love "IllusttChi"! Be careful, if this place isn't full, it won't evolve!


You can check the status of "IllusttChi"!


You're going to need coins for "Meal", "Item", "Play"! And let's save up!


If you give them an "Meal", they'll be hungry! Watch out, because if they''re hungry, they can go back to the woods!


Let's play "Play" together! If they' re in a bad mood, they might mess with your room!


You can share it on SNS!


You can feed "IllusttChi"!

※ Feed them a meal and they'll fill up "IllusttChi"! I'll come back to check on them often because they're going to get hungry in time!


You can give "IllusttChi" an item!

※ If you give them an item, IllusttChi's status will go up! Their statuses will change where they evolve to!


You can play with "IllusttChi"!

※Play with "IllusttChi" and get to know them! Do you think you might get pranked in your room if you fail to make them feel better?


You can flush it down the toilet and clean your room!

※"IllusttChi" can make your room a mess! Let's flush it down the toilet and clean it up! If you don't keep your room clean, They might get sick.

You can open the menu screen!


There's going to be some debris in your room. Tap to clean it up for you! And you can get coins!


If they get sick, let's fix them up with a syringe! If you leave it alone, it might go away.


Depending on the conditions, it will evolve to different destinations, so let's try different things!